Approximatrix, LLC

Simply Text

The beautiful, functional text editor for Windows 10, 8.1, and RT

Simply Text is a powerful, straightforward text editor for Windows. Designed for anyone, from the casual user up to and including the professional developer, Simply Text provides a feature-rich experience without any clutter.

With Simply Text the user doesn't need to compromise on usability and functionality. Inside its Modern User Inteface, one will find the features expected in a text editor today, including autocomplete, searching via regular expression, integrated folder and subfolder tree navigation, and a document overview pane for quick navigation. Furthermore, Simply Text integrates completely with Windows, allowing sharing of text with other applications and pinning important files to the Start screen.

Is it sufficient for developers? Yes! Simply Text is written using Simply Text, after all!

Try Simply Text today! It's available from the Windows Store with a 15-day free trial!