Approximatrix, LLC

Simply Fortran - A complete Fortran solution for professional developers on Windows and GNU/Linux platforms, including a development environment and integrated debugger

Professional Products

Approximatrix provides a range of products and services to help individuals and organizations increase productivity while decreasing costs. Since 2006, Approximatrix has produced software supporting scientists and developers available at affordable prices without sacrificing funtionality. We pride ourselves on producing reliable software with regular releases.

Exceptional Support

Our customers, both current and potential, are treated personalized support with rapid turnaround times via email and community forums. In addition to quickly mitigating software bugs, Approximatrix regularly incorporates customer suggestions into our products. We strive to be responsive to requests and suggestions, adapting our software to the needs of our users.

Development Expertise

Our products were developed to address shortcomings in various domains, starting with numerical and scientific software fields and expanding to more general development disciplines. Approximatrix regularly provides direct support and suggestions on programming-related tasks to our customers. Our staff providescontract development in a variety of fields, including scientific algorithm implementation, legacy software modernization, system-level programming, and web application development.

And More!

If you are interested in working with Approximatrix or partnering with us, please contact our staff for more information. We're happy to hear from all parties!