Approximatrix, LLC

Examples of Our Work

Approximatrix currently maintains a number of commercial products that provide proof of our development expertise. Our products employ a variety of technologies, including:

Simply Fortran

EasyPackager MSI

Simply Text

Python HTML5 Lua GTK+

Approximatrix staff also regularly contribute to open-source projects. We'll be happy to provide code samples upon request.

Algorithm Development

Approximatrix can provide software development services to generate customized solutions to your organizations problems. Development can be in your organization's language of choice with experience in the following languages:

Solutions are designed for your organization alone, and Approximatrix will work closely with your employees to maximize application compatability.

Legacy Application Modernization

Approximatrix can bring your legacy applications into the modern world by implementing graphical user interfaces on top of existing code. The modernization effort can occur on different levels depending on your organizations desires. A modern interface can be constructed to simply provide a better method of configuration for application inputs. If so desired, Approximatrix can also fully integrate modern interfaces into applications, allowing for real-time results as your application runs. With experience in legacy code integration with C, MATLAB, and Java, Approximatrix will work to ensure your application will operate on your organization's platform of choice. Approximatrix has successfully provided GUI applications interfacing with legacy code on Linux, Windows, and Java platforms.