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Current Products

Products and solutions currently supported by Approximatrix, LLC

Simply Fortran

Simply Fortran is a complete Fortran development solution for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. The package incorporates the Simply Fortran Integrated Development Environment, including an integrated debugger, and the GNU Fortran compiler. Approximatrix Simply Fortran is an inexpensive way for anyone to productively develop using the Fortran language.


WebFortran is a online Fortran development environment where users can develop, compile, and run Fortran entirely from the browser!


FlowMate helps streamers, podcasters, and presenters stay on track, quickly reference notes, and make sure their programs and presentations flow smoothly!

Simply Text

Simply Text is a fully functional text editor for Windows 10. Features include folder navigation, syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and document overview navigation. Simply Text is available through the Windows Store.

EasyPackager MSI

EasyPackager MSI is a simple graphical tool to create and organize Windows Installer files quickly while isolating the developer from the inherent complexities of building installers.

Quick Virtual Network Computing

Quick Virtual Network Computing is a simple package for connecting to computers running a Virtual Network Computing server to interact with remote desktops.


preshrunk-cotton is a simple Python package for converting a directory tree containing textile files (along with images, html, etc.), batch converting all textile to HTML, and compressing the resultant directory tree into a Compressed HTML Help (CHM) file. This open-source project is perfect for rapidly generating help files for Microsoft Windows and compatible operating systems.

Legacy Products

Past products no longer directly supported by Approximatrix

Draco Econometrics

Draco is an open-source econometric solution, providing functionality often available in expensive statistics packages.


Openchart2 is a lightweight open-source Java plotting library.