Approximatrix, LLC

Draco Econometrics

The open-source statistics package with an easy-to-understand interface

Draco is an open-source econometric solution, providing functionality available in popular statistics packages without high purchasing and licensing costs. Draco presents a familiar, yet powerful, user interface to improve efficiency.

Draco R1.4 in Windows XP     Draco R1.4 in Ubuntu     Draco R1.4 Metal

The user interface of Draco is similar to spreadsheet applications, presenting all data to the user for all stored variables, and all functionality is accessed via the modern interface. Data can quickly be visualized thanks to the Approximatrix Openchart2 plotting library.

Approximatrix no longer officially provides support for Draco Econometrics. However, Draco is an open-source project, and anyone should feel free to download the source code or fork the project. Downloads for the final Approximatrix release, 1.4, are available below: