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Helping your stream, podcast, or presentation flow!

Introduction to FlowMate

FlowMate is a simple tool for viewing notes, scripts, or other content while giving a presentation, streaming, podcasting, or a host of other creator activities. The tool combines note viewing with a graphical display of time remaining for each “segment,” which can correspond to a slide, a news segment, or a “bit” as part of a creator’s content. FlowMate helps everything stay on track, keeping the production flowing.

FlowMate is powered by “scripts,” simple text files that contain notes for a given content production. These scripts define “segments” that the creator can subsquently author and assign a desired length of time to spend on each segment. The overall time of a script can be either locked to constrain a given production to a fixed, designed time, or the script can remain flexible, ensuring each segment receives the attention necessary regardless of time originally allotted.

FlowMate Interface

The basics of the FlowMate interface are presented in the Main Interface section.

Using FlowMate

The use of FlowMate is broken down into two parts below:


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