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Privacy Policy

Approximatrix, LLC, does not collect any personal information concerning Simply Text. We do not collect user names, location, or the contents of your files for any reason.

As of Release 23 (Version, 24 November 2014), Simply Text no longer connects to or accesses the Internet. All use of MarkedUp, the analytics service, has been discontinued.

Versions earlier than will attempt to access MarkedUp, as explained below:

To ensure application stability, Simply Text does communicate with MarkedUp for the purposes of collecting anonymous analytics. This data is restricted to crash logs and switching between pages in Simply Text. It does not include any other information. This data is completely anonymous, and it is present to help make Simply Text better. To learn more about MarkedUp, please see their privacy policy.

This privacy policy may change from time to time. However, Approximatrix, LLC will never collect any personal or personally identifiable information. Additionally, we will never transmit the contents of any editting session anywhere.

If you have questions about our simplistic privacy policy, please contact We'll be happy to answer any questions.

Last updated 24 November 2014

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